Before I started this blog, I had another blog where I anonymously wrote about sobriety and recovery. When I decided to not be anonymous anymore, I started with a fresh blog and this is the first post I wrote. Side note: the blogger/author I’m talking about is Glennon Doyle Melton at Momastery.

It’s Nature Karen

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I was struck dumb by envy a few days ago. One of my favorite bloggers released an excerpt from her new book and I couldn’t wait to read it. As I soaked up every word, my excitement turned to a sick feeling of discouragement. The excerpt was so awesome. It was everything I would write it if I could write like her. She was reading my mind! But instead of feeling understood and encouraged, I felt a sinking feeling that she’s saying everything I’ve ever wanted to say better than I can say it. Why bother to write at all? The best words have been taken.

As I was reeling from the disappointment and wrestling with feelings of ineptitude, I saw a bee walk across my floor. Bees love our yard and if we leave a door open for any amount of time, one is bound to…

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