Sleeping pups and a cleverly hidden elf.
Sleeping pups and a cleverly hidden elf.

Every year, Mished-Up chooses a word for the year so since I’m an unapologetic copycat, I’ve been doing the same thing and recording it in my journal. Looking back, my word has always been more fitting for the moment rather than an entire year so today I’m choosing a word for the season.

My word for this season is satiated. I think I’m drawn to the word because I’ve had a hell of a year. Still reeling from the loss of my grandpa, I lost my sister. My husband and I have had financial downs and ups and went into business together. My son started kindergarten twice when the first school didn’t work out (as if once wasn’t hard enough). It’s been a year of situational extremes but we managed to keep our sanity, our kids are healthy and so far middle age and gravity aren’t the I bitch expected them to be. What more could I ask for?

For me, feeling satisfied is about appreciating what I have, even if it’s just one bite.

What makes me feel satiated? A bowl of crunchy peas. Two cookie butter cups. A handful of Arizona pecans. A spoonful of peanut butter drizzled in honey. A square of processed American cheese on Ritz. I would cut off a digit for a bowl of my grandpa’s pasta sauce. Funny story, I once asked him for his recipe. “Just saute onion, garlic and carrot in olive oil, add tomatoes, ground beef and some parsley.” I spent hours over several weekends trying to duplicate it with no success. As I watched him stir his sauce one Sunday afternoon I asked him where I could’ve gone wrong. He said, “I have no idea,” as he dropped in a stick of butter.

I feel full in the best of ways. My heart overflows when my 6 year old tells me that he had a horrible day because all the girls love him too much. A good friend curled my 4 year old’s hair and I saw a glimpse of how gorgeous she’s going to be when she’s a young woman. My husband had successful knee surgery and my dad gets to go to Israel in January. I finally told my mom that I was molested when I was 11 and her hug was the balm on a bruise I had no idea I needed. I get to work with my husband, easily my favorite person on this planet. People I love are scared, hurting and struggling but Jesus has shown us what to do in times like these. It’s hard for me to care that our tree is already dead and the elf forgot to hide one night.

I just want to hug everyone who needs a hug and share the hope that even the darkest night ends. I send you wishes for a merry Christmas and light and love from my little corner of the universe.

30 thoughts on “Satiated

  1. A Happy New Year to you. Grateful to know you and read the beauty that is your writing. I may get far behind on my reading, but you are never far from my blogging thoughts when I think of friends. I’m still working on my ‘word’ since I read Mished-up’s post. I better decide soon, it’s almost next year.

    Sending lots of love for the coming year. Lisa


  2. I was beating myself up over my word choice last year, or more to the point how I didn’t do much with it. I really like your season approach here. Too funny about the stick of butter. One of my favorite dishes my grandmother makes includes a stick of butter and bacon grease. I probably shouldn’t have just admitted that.

    Merry Christmas! Hope your year finishes out with peace, love and satiation.


  3. This was absolutely beautiful, Karen!
    In addition to being a talented writer (girl, you are SO good!), you are an amazing person and am so blessed by your friendship. I’ve imagined us meeting several times and I just know it’ll involve laughter, tears and squares of Ritz with processed cheese! It was Christy who brought you and I together, so we must invite her–she’ll bring the good chocolate 🙂

    Mished also inspired me and I’ve got my word picked out, too. I’m planning to write about it, but not yet.
    May you and yours have a blessed Christmas! xxoxox

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  4. This is why I love reading your words…you’re beautiful soul always shines through. I love that story about making your grandpa’s sauce. Brought a smile to my face. Here’s to feeling satiated in 2015…and much, much happiness.


  5. Perfect word, Karen.
    I’ve had mine for a while and, like yours, it finds me at a place of acceptance, or at least making acceptance a focus. Being at peace with myself and my skin and with the present moment. I’ll probably write about it, but in case I don’t, my word is “breathe.” 😉
    Love the picture too.
    Have yourself a merry little Christmas my friend.
    Xo, c-

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  6. Thank you for sharing your inspiring and amazing life. You have added joy to my life with your blog.

    I trust you will be satisfied in every moment. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  7. Merry Christmas Karen!
    I love your word…satiated….enough of everything!
    That’s a perfect way to live life, gratitude for what we have, and you do it splendidly.
    oh, and the balm of your mother’s hug…tears.

    have a great Christmas and hers to a bountiful and beautiful new year!

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  8. SO moved by this post, Karen. Love the word and the ways in which you feel it. And this: “I finally told my mom that I was molested when I was 11 and her hug was the balm on a bruise I had no idea I needed.” That is the balm, isn’t it?!?!?!

    Blessings to you, sweet friend,

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  9. I absolutely love this. I’ve been trying to come up with an end of the year kind of post and I think I may just have to borrow this idea. Your year sounds like a reflection of a life lives, Karen. The ups and down, the moments of grace…its all there. The hug from your mom…that made me tear up. That my friend was a true moment of evolving. For you and her.

    If I do get around to writing my, I will be sure to tag you! Merry Christmas to you and yours. ~Dawn

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  10. A stick of butter? I would never have guessed that one… although, my favorite Julie Childs quote is: Everything’s better with butter. 🙂 A merry and blessed Christmas to you and yours.


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