Who Doesn’t Need Some Absolute Mayhem?

Let the mayhem begin!
Let the mayhem begin!

My son started kindergarten this year and his teacher sends home a weekly reading log for us to record what we read to him. We’re supposed to read a minimum of 20 minutes a day and then he has to draw a picture and write a couple of sentences about his favorite book.

Well, this week’s reading log is filled with mayhem. Absolute Mayhem, that is. My Blogger-Buddy-Extraordinaire, Kelly Suellentrop published her first children’s book and I had the honor of getting an advanced copy to read to my kiddos. You may know Kelly from her thought provoking and often hilarious blog Are You Finished Yet?  She’s the real deal and has been featured on the Huffington Post, ScaryMommy and Freshly Pressed but it was her minivan video that solidified my devotion.

Kelly wrote an awesome book. Absolute Mayhem’s rhymes are smart and clever and a refreshing break from predictability. She not only wrote the book but illustrated it as well and my kids enjoyed pointing out the fun, quirky details in the illustrations. (Click on the link at the bottom for a chance to win a free copy of Absolute Mayhem! Yay!)

Here’s a brief synopsis: Lulu and Milo follow the rules. All. Week. Long. They go to school, they do their chores and they eat their vegetables (I won’t give anything away but the dog, Hippo, might help just a wee bit). If they’re anything like my kids, they probably have plenty of stars on their responsibility lists. But when the weekend arrives, their imaginations finally become reality and Absolute Mayhem ensues. They embark on amazing adventures while dodging cupcake flinging monkeys. But, as we all know (and by we I mean a-d-u-l-t-s) all good things must come to an end. Come Monday, they’re more than ready to get back to order and balance (or as we call it in my house “find your shoes” and “where’s your homework?”).

There’s so much to love about this book but I was especially interested to know what my six-year-old son thought of Absolute Mayhem because he’s had a hard time adjusting to kindergarten. Going from 9 hours a week of preschool to 34 hours a week of kindergarten would be an adjustment for anyone. I have a hard time going to work on Mondays and I work from home. So, I used the book as a way to talk to him about school. Here’s what he said.

Mom (my nickname): How would you describe Absolute Mayhem to your friends?

Cashew (his nickname since he was in the womb): Lulu and Milo have to do chores and then mayhem comes for Lulu and Milo. Mayhem is TOTAL craziness. And then the mayhem takes over. And then they’re glad it’s Monday again. We have a dog named Lulu. Well, actually Lucy but we call her Lulu sometimes. And we have a dog named Rocky and we call him Rocky-Roo.

Mom: What do you like about this book?

Cashew: I like this book because it has LOTS of mayhem. Mayhem means craziness! I like craziness because it’s sometimes fun.

Mom: Just sometimes?

Cashew: ALL the time! I think it would be fun if I lived the rest of my life like that. I would love to live in Minecraft. That would be sooooooo awesome.

Mom: But at the end of the book Lulu and Milo are relieved that it’s Monday so they can get back to normal life.

Cashew: I don’t want it to be Monday ever because I don’t like school very much.

Mom: Why?

Cashew: Because I’m not used to being far away from you for so long. If you came to school with me I’d do what I’m supposed to do but it wouldn’t make me sad.

Mom: But everyday you tell me you’ve had a great day.

Cashew: I do have a great day but I can’t take being far away from you for so long. It breaks my heart into a billiongillion pieces.

Mom: I miss you too, kiddo. I’m still getting used to being away from you for so long. I think we’re both really brave.

Cashew: Yeah, I know.

Mom: So, what are you going to be when you grow up?

Cashew: I’m not going to be a firefighter because that’s really dangerous. I think I could be the owner of store like Target. And maybe after I work at Target I could be a miner so I could find some gold and be rich. And if I find 24 diamonds I could make a whole set of diamond armor. If I had a crafting table in real life I could make real armor.

Mom: Well, there’s nothing wrong with your imagination!

Cashew: Yeah, I know.

Click here to win a free copy of Absolute Mayhem – a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can enter everyday so bookmark to return and increase your odds of winning. The giveaway will be open through December 18, 2014.

Click here to buy a copy on Amazon or here to visit Kelly’s author page.

11 thoughts on “Who Doesn’t Need Some Absolute Mayhem?

    I totally needed to read this today. There is so much to love (Cashew being at the top of my list!)
    That baby boy of yours has my heart forever.
    Even though my daughter is twenty, I just know she’d love this book.
    I’m printed this one off and am saving it to read on Sunday nights. Isn’t it crazy to have such a fun, simple post strike such a chord? I have it up on my bulletin board right next to Maya and Frost.
    LOVED IT!!


      1. He’s going to make somebody a fabulous hubby someday.
        YIKES! Isn’t it scary to think of? Not scary that he’ll be a great husband, but that he’ll be old enough to be one someday?
        Now that I’ve depressed us both…back to the mayhem!! xo

        Liked by 1 person

  2. What a cute post and book! It sounds like something my 6 year old would love. She’s in 1st grade but has a hard time with those long days. She too loves school and her teacher, but says she likes “stay at home days” more because she gets to be with us. Breaks your heart in two, huh?

    I’m so impressed by your friend who’s not only a writer but an artist. Thanks for sharing her with us here.


  3. I was right. You did make me cry 🙂 I absolutely love that conversation with your son. His imagination certainly IS alive and well…and quite fantastically, I might add. And own a Target? He’s a man after my own heart! Karen, this is so fabulous. Thank you so much for helping me spread the word, and for warming my heart by demonstrating how much your son likes the book! Big hugs!


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