Some Reasons to be Thankful


My favorite time of year is in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. There’s something about Thanksgiving being over and the anticipation of Christmas that makes me want to take stock in what I have to be thankful for. These are just a few:

My grandma. I always said I never wanted to have kids but when I found myself at age 37 wondering what my life would look like at age 90, I pictured myself sitting at a table surrounded by children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. In this vision, I looked over all I had helped to create, soaked in the love and smiled. It was a “duh” moment because until then it never occurred to me that the only way to make that vision come true was to create a family.

My grandma is going to be 91 in January (grandpa died a year ago). This weekend our family gathered and I caught my grandma in the midst of a moment. She was seated at the table looking over all she had helped to create and I could tell she was soaking up the love. I asked her what she was thinking about. She smiled and said, “This.” She has lived my vision and I’m so grateful for all she’s done.

Clarity of boundaries. I have a great family. I really do. But (there’s always a but) the holidays seem to amplify everyone’s highs and lows. Sometimes that brings drama and sometimes comedy. I’m grateful that I can see where I stop and others begin. I don’t need to get wrapped up in their drama and I can still enjoy the comedy.

A guidebook for mothers, parents, or anyone that needs to regain balance in a busy, busy world.
A guidebook for mothers, parents, or anyone that needs to regain balance in a busy, busy world.

Wise friends (who happen to write books). When Jen Brunett (who wrote a guest post for me earlier this year) told me she was writing a book, I knew I would love it and I was right. In Finding Your Spirit: A Mom’s Guide to the Universe, Jen manages to tackle deep subjects without being too deep. There aren’t many people who can tackle meditation, Reiki, chakras and prayer without making it overly complicated. Reading her book is like having a conversation with your best girlfriend. I sometimes forget that spirituality shouldn’t be separate and distinct from daily life and Jen’s simple and practical tips have helped me stay connected to my spirit.

Jen Brunett - who can resist this face?
Jen Brunett – who can resist this face?

Friends who put into words what I can’t.  In Silence and Kindness in the Wake of #Ferguson, Kelly Suellentrop was able to verbalize my desire to remain quiet about my opinions on Ferguson. Don’t mistake silence for apathy. I have friends with strong opinions on both sides of the issue and sometimes the best thing we can do is listen and hold space.

Kelly also falls into the category of wise friends who write books. I’m going to be reviewing her new children’s book next week and hosting a giveaway!

Watching Looney Tunes with my kids. I didn’t realize how much I love Bugs Bunny and his pals and how much those cartoons shaped my life until I started watching with my kids. I get such a kick out of watching their reactions to cartoons I’ve seen hundreds of times.  I love telling them the story of how daddy and I only watched cartoons on Saturday mornings and only on one channel. That’s despicable.

I can relate dude.
I can relate dude.

Selfies. It’s the only way we can get a family portrait. (This one’s for you RoS)

I used to write. Now I just take selfies.
I used to write. Now I just take selfies.

18 thoughts on “Some Reasons to be Thankful

  1. This resonated with me, Karen:

    “I have a great family. I really do. But (there’s always a but) the holidays seem to amplify everyone’s highs and lows.”


    Here’s hoping that we can eek more toward the middle–extremes abbreviated, drama diminished.

    With blessings & heart,


  2. I loved the “This” too. Sounds like comfort and serenity and just a ball of contentment. That too is where I would like to land.

    Love the grat list, Karen. And the selfie with the family…your boy cracks me up!



  3. Hi Karen,
    Like your Grandma, I have found myself at times, just stepping back & taking in all of the love in the room. I call them Mommie moments. Those moments when your heart is so full of love & gratitude, feeling so blessed for the gift of children & family. The most precious gift any of us could ever receive.


  4. Hi Karen,
    So much to love here and I can’t begin to pick a “favorite thankful” from the list. Though, the visual of Grandma looking over her brood is absolutely priceless…I had my own version of that last week when the four of us (plus two dogs) were all sandwiched on the couch.
    I’m eager to check out the books you mentioned and Jen’s sounds like one I would devour in a couple of sittings.
    LOVE the selfie family photo…love YOU! xo


  5. “This.”


    And That selfie family portrait, love it! You could totally do a Christmas card with a family-selfie montage 🙂

    This post made me happy.

    (PS…any thoughts on writing your own book?)

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  6. What lovely reasons to be thankful, Karen! That story about your grandmother is just heart swelling-ly gorgeous. I’m incredibly thankful you have been enjoying my book and appreciate the stunning review! ❤


  7. Thank you, sweet friend. And I got misty at the story about your grandma. I know what it is like to look upon my kids and think, “I made this.” I can only imagine how much the joy is multiplied to be where your grandma is. And a big yes to Looney Tunes! I used to watch that with my grandpa all the time, and it is wonderful to have something timeless to bond and laugh over. I used to get such a kick out of how hard he would laugh at the Road Runner.

    Congrats to your, friend Jen! Sounds like a book I may need to check out!

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