An Interview With Air: Life in 10 Questions

Sun and Air
Sun and Air

My brain is mush this week so I’m interviewing my 5-year-old son. I like to call him Air because it fits his personality. He’s buoyant and lives in the moment more than anyone I know. Just because I think my kid is cute doesn’t mean everyone else will think he’s cute but there’s such an innocence in kids this age that I wanted to share his view of the world.

Tell me about your life.

I think my life is good because lots of Legos! I get to build my whole life. I want to be a construction worker when I grow up. I want to be a 18 wheeler maker and a car maker but people don’t make those things. Machines make those things.


What’s your favorite part about preschool?

School is good because I see my wife. Her name is Sun. She builds baby towers and puts gem babies in and I help her build the towers.


What does God look like?

I think he has light skin and short brown pants and a gray shirt and a brown beard and brown hair. God is around us all the time. He’s invisible.


What do you think about your little sister?

She’s good because she has baby dolls and she always wants to play Frozen and she’s always thirsty and she doesn’t get sick. Sometimes she hits me so hard in the face I cry. I forgive her and uhsept her apology.


What do you think it’s going to be like when you start kindergarten?

I don’t know. I haven’t been to it yet.


Why are we alive?

So that we can learn to be grown-ups and learn new things.


What if we’re already a grown-up?

You can still learn new things! There’s a special school just for grown-ups. It’s called college!


What if you’ve already been to college? Why are we alive?

So you can still live.


Is there anything else you want to say?

That I love my mommy so much and my daddy so much and my doggy so much and my little sister so much and the earth so much and God do much. Stop licking my hand! (said to our dog, Rocky)


If there’s one thing you could tell the whole world, what would it be?

My name is Air. Nice to meet you.

29 thoughts on “An Interview With Air: Life in 10 Questions

  1. I just ADORE interviews with five year olds! Where else would I have found out that God wears brown shorts??? This was awesome. More please.


  2. Inspiring to read. I want to remember to spend more time listening to my kids. I notice (being a question asker as an occupation) that I often don’t take the extra time to ask my kids the little questions. (Thank you for posting/documenting) Life is sure a lot simpler than we let it be. Wow. Lisa


  3. Adorable!!! Really made me smile… at this point, I could surely use one! Thanks, Air… you’re awesome!


  4. Hilarious, Karen. My boys are 6 and 4, so I understand a lot of where Air is coming from (lol). I guess that’s why they had that show Kids Say the Darnest Things (or whatever it was called) – some of the greatest insights into things come from the kids in my life (nieces, neighbours, etc). So this was a lot of fun to read. (I too loved the “I don’t know, I haven’t been to it yet”)

    My son interviewed me the other day for a school project. Now I wonder if I should interview HIM!

    Thanks for this – made me smile outside and inside 🙂



  5. I love so much about this! Especially the fact that he has a wife named Sun. Priceless.

    And he’s right…you DO learn new things everyday! For instance, I had no idea that God was on Duck Dynasty. 😉



  6. What a great interview. Love ‘uhsept’ and “I don’t know. I haven’t been to it yet.” God does seem like he would wear short brown pants. Of course God isn’t afraid to throw some grey into the mix (dirt and clouds).

    Lately I’ve been remembering my phone has a video function and getting 10-30 second clips of random kid things. Singing, dancing, silly conversations. But I really like this transcribed interview. I also hope to read more here.


    1. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not that his description of God resembles himself (minus the beard)! Little video snippets are perfect. My daughter makes me take 5 minute videos of her singing the Frozen songs. I need a computer just for her impromptu song and dance performances!


  7. melty hearted here…
    how i wish i had recorded conversations like this with my wonder boy when he was little!
    Thanks for sharing….i like the idea of an ongoing series!


    1. It would be like those Sprint commercials! I record a lot of what they say and do in a journal just for them. I would’ve loved that but I wonder if in a world of digital photos and information at our fingertips if they’re going to care about these keepsakes as much.


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