What do you do when life gets really busy? Reblog! This post is still relevant for me and I hope you find it interesting too.

It’s Nature Karen


I think of myself as a numbaholic, prone to disengaging in not-so-healthy ways. Alcohol was by far my favorite way to numb but I still have others. Food, immersing myself in books, playing Angry Birds, keeping busy, cleaning (maybe this one isn’t so bad), reading blogs, over-spending, picking at my cuticles…these are all ways that I numb myself.

We all have the tendency to tune out the noise and chaos of our lives. We all have holes that we try to fill with external things. But those of us with addiction issues need to be especially wary of replacing one addiction with another. That’s why recovery is so much more than just staying sober.

The first year after I stopped drinking, I decided that I could have as much sugar as I wanted. I reminded myself of all the years I didn’t order dessert because I wanted to save the calories…

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